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Next Edu Foundation

NEXT Education foundation (NEF), established in 2013, has been a pioneering education conservation in Nepal. We presently are operating our services from Niva Galli, Chipledhunga, Pokhara and Rampur, Palpa. Our Overseas branch is situated in Sydney, Australia. Next emerged out of the need of our city for a transparent and unbiased agency for abroad studies. Since then, we have been a huge influence for consigning students abroad. The process of enrolling each student to a college/university that best suits his/her expectation is a tough task to follow. Nevertheless, our professional team of counselors have been triumphant in providing a clear insight to students. Over the years, we have been successful in connecting with various colleges and universities in Australia, New-Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, and other European universities. We believe our establishment to be easily accessible and affordable. We are always open to advice and hope to provide the best service for parents and students all over the Nation.

Vision of NEF

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in offering one-stop study abroad solutions for students and to assist them in achieving their goals through effective career counseling and advice, while also adding value to our partner universities and all other stakeholders.

Value of NEF

Our Value

Education has become an asset in the contemporary world. Good quality education ensures a good and happy life with a secure future. Today, competition in the education sector is tremendous and in this perpetually proliferating industry, choosing the right path for oneself has become a herculean task. Students and parents are confused in selecting from the plethora of options available. So, is there any source or service that can simplify the search for your Dream College, course or university?

No Worries. We are here. The Next Values your Dreams and Aspiration.

Mision of NEF

Our Goals

Our mission is to equip and inspire our students for a rapidly changing world by imparting critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and a respect for essential values such as honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion. We at next strive to match the student's abilities, performance, and interests with the greatest career possibilities available and to offer tailored solutions to students who want to study abroad.

Message From The CEO

Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,

NEXT Education Foundation (NEF) is established with a mission to provide quality study abroad solutions to the students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us to be a part of your educational endeavors. We at NEXT, firmly believe that the success of an organization is based not only on the profits measured in numbers but also the quality, service and customer satisfaction. We believe your greatest asset is yourself and here we provide you the motivation and inspiration to find that hidden gem in each one of you.

When I look at a student, I see a fine clay ready to be molded into a fine art and would transcend to see it come to life.

Prakash Shrestha
Next Edu Foundation
Next Edu Foundation

Message from the Abroad Department Head

Bikash has spent more than 8 years working across the education consultation sector including application assessment, career counseling, course counseling, university selection, visa application guidance, and post-departure counseling. Combined with his prior experience in Information Technology, he has gained extensive practical experience in consulting and managing students’ engagement and overall business management.

He has played various roles in the industry as Senior Consultant, Senior Visa and Compliance Officer, and Head of Operations in the education consultation business. He is known for his best guidance for the course and university selection for students who are planning to go abroad for their further studies.

Bikash Shrestha

Why Next Education Foundation?

It is with our utmost pleasure that we can ensure our institute to be the best in what we do. Here at next, we not only treat students as mere clients but we also look after them as their guardians. Our focus has always been to guide students to the right path and it has been our motto to let students explore new ways of learning. We believe it to be our duty to serve our students even after they depart from our syllabus. We make sure they are settled in their designated destination abroad. We are proud to have so many success stories and you could be next.

Why preparation class with NEXT?

Join the most trusted IELTS/PTE preparation centre with best results in Nepal. We call ourselves the best because we have ⤵️

  • # The best practice lab with daily practice sessions & mock tests.
  • # Friendly supervisors to assist you in the practice sessions.
  • # Best digital IELTS & PTE class in town.
  • # Full-time tutor for IELTS & PTE.
  • # Pre and prior-to assistance on test-related concerns.
  • # Friendly instructors and staff.
  • # Most affordable date booking facility for our students & easy refund.
  • # The most chosen preparation center with the highest results.

Why NEXT for your visa application?

  • Free study abroad counselling.
  • Full guidance on course and institution selection.
  • Career and long-term based courses and field of study.
  • Visa application assistance.
  • One-to-one support on documentation.
  • Full documentation guidance..
  • Full support on NOC, Medical, Biometric, and other mandatory processes.
  • Pre-departure guidance.
  • Airport Pickup (Arrival assistance).
  • Part-Time Job Assistance.
  • Help on university enrolment and counselling.
  • Help on accommodation.
  • College & Course change Processing.
  • Future Guidance.